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At Rhino Industrial Flooring, we offer extensive choice in resinous flooring options for warehouse facilities. From dust proofers to forklift truck-resistant floor coatings, our experience provides you with the knowledge and information you require when considering an upgrade in your warehouse. We provide a turnkey solution to your enquiry with proven expertise.

Completed within the expected timeframe and on budget, we minimise the disruption caused in the flooring installation by creating traffic safe areas. Our seamless, smooth flooring options, which include repairs, non-slip lining, and colour choices, create a hazard-free environment for your staff and visiting customers.

Smooth, slip-resistant flooring that is easy to maintain is essential to an efficient and safe warehousing facility. With decades of experience of serving the warehousing industry, Rhino Industrial Flooring has helped hundreds of customers choose the best industrial flooring solutions for their needs and budget.

Our customised, seamless flooring solutions feature:


  • Smooth and Even Traffic Surfaces

  • Anti-Slip Resistance

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • Low Temperature Application

  • Dust Control

  • Excellent Resistance to Tyre Marks

Rhino Industrial Flooring ensures that warehouse customers are fully educated and involved with every step of the design, installation, and repair process.

Why Choose Rhino Industrial Flooring?

Since 1998, the Rhino Industrial Flooring team have provided superior industrial flooring, coating, and lining solutions to some of the nation’s most respected companies.


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